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My Favorite Hostels Worldwide

There is truly nothing like a home away from home. Here’s a list of my most favorite hostels in the world (it’s a list which will surely keep growing!):

Udee in Bangkok. I stayed here 3 times while in Thailand a couple of years ago and would go back in a heartbeat. Actually, I’d like to move in. The location is fantastic- it is NOT on the tourist trail so you get a more low-key (take that with a grain of salt- Bangkok is a vibrant city!!) and authentic experience. I love that it is on a more quiet side street. There is a busier street near by with great food vendors every evening and lots to do within walking distance. I love the outdoor communal spaces, the helpful staff and generous breakfast. Sipping large Singha beers on the rooftop, yoga on the rooftop, laundry + book reading + coffee drinking on the rooftop…I love the rooftop. I mention a bit more in the blog post on Bangkok & what to do near Udee.

TripOn Open House in San Jose, Costa Rica. I stayed here 3 times also! Each time was fantastic and a totally new and always special social experience. The planning of the community spaces (there is a large kitchen which is well-stocked and full of people cooking & great hangout areas both inside and outside with hammocks!) really makes this place fun. The owner, Delroy, is a super friendly and caring guy- he makes sure everyone has the best stay and livens up the place with his presence. Breakfast was my selling point (when researching on Hostelworld) and did not disappoint! Delroy even made everyone fried plantains himself! For a host to get in there & cook with/for all of us felt really homey. I can’t recommend TripOn enough. Also check out Delroy’s newest location- I haven’t been yet but I know there’s a pool and I can’t wait to go see for myself!


Some other good places worth noting are Prague Square Hostel in Prague, Czech Republic (great social times here, location is as central as you can get) Generator Venice in Venice, Italy (this one gets on a lot of ‘best in the world’ lists- its more pricey than some but worth the trendy experience in my opinion) and Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain

I’ll keep exploring and update this list as I discover more hostel gems around the globe!

Thanks for reading! Say hello to Udee & TripOn for me!


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By Grace in the World

I hope that the experiences I record here could be of some use to those looking to travel and I welcome questions/comments/feedback. Thank you for reading my words. Bon voyage!

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