50 Things to do when Lockdown goes Long-term (Part 9)

7. Edit social media

More social, less media. Social comparison distorts self-perception. Unfollow influencers. Unfollow any account which has the explicit goal to sell you something or causes you to feel down. Reset your reference points and surround your online self with better content. Hide your social media apps in a folder where you’ll have to work to access them (keep them off your main home screen). Limit yourself online and avoid falling into a black hole of comparison (set a timer while you scroll).

Eating + Traveling

This information is based on my personal experience and is not for everyone. I intend to give broad guidelines which can be personalized by individuals based on their unique compositions and situations. The key to success in eating well while traveling the globe: moderation. A few top tricks: –HOT vegetables (sorry, not salad) I eatContinue reading “Eating + Traveling”