Costa Blanca, Valencia, Spain

Day Trips from Alicante The city of Alicante itself has a lot to offer but you’d be missing out if you didn’t wander a little further along the coast. These are some of the best destinations – all easy to see in one day.  Altea Altea is about an hour and a half from AlicanteContinue reading “Costa Blanca, Valencia, Spain”

Alicante, Spain (like a local)

This year I’m living in Alicante, Spain. The foodie in me invites the foodie in you to explore my current home: the coastal city of Alicante, Valencia, Spain. Here’s a curated list of my favorite spots (and more). Alicante Finds Best spots to Brunch: Sip & wonder and Mish Mish take the cake (and serveContinue reading “Alicante, Spain (like a local)”

Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

{Basque name: Donostia -Castilian Spanish name San Sebastián} This city has been on my radar for quite a few years and many friends have called it their favorite. Known for its award-winning food and beach vibes, I was actually taken aback by how small the city is (compared to what I had in mind). IContinue reading “Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain”

Where to Spend a Weekend in the Spanish Pyrenees

I moved to Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain this year and want to share my favorite weekend escape: the Spanish Pyrenees You’ll want a car (rent from the Zaragoza airport or train station) to fully enjoy the area but it is possible to get to Jaca by train or bus. I’ll start with my favorite: Broto This villageContinue reading “Where to Spend a Weekend in the Spanish Pyrenees”

Murcia, Spain: a (new) Local’s Guide

  FOOD The photo on the left is my first meal in Murcia! El Rincon de Las Anas is still one of my very favorite places to eat. This is a prawn surrounding a scallop on a bed of lettuce with sprouts and salsa and chili pepper on top. Four euros and phenomenal. Paired with aContinue reading “Murcia, Spain: a (new) Local’s Guide”

How I moved to Spain | Spanish Language Assistant Program

I’ve lived in Murcia, Zaragoza and now Alicante Spain and work as an English teaching assistant at public primary/secondary schools. I don’t have any formal teacher training but I’m learning every day as I teach English, Art and Natural Science in years 1-12. I am an employee of the Ministry of Education (the Spanish Government).Continue reading “How I moved to Spain | Spanish Language Assistant Program”

Barcelona: a Weekend Update

New favorite neighborhood: Gracia. The Born and Gotic/Gothic are cool to visit but I prefer the hipster/local vibes in Gracia. I may also enjoy the name 😉 I had great food at Nabucco Tiramisu and Veg World India and bought handmade shoes and clothing from Les Chausseurs. I stayed at Sant Jordi Hostel – Gracia. HighlyContinue reading “Barcelona: a Weekend Update”

Madrid- for the foodie in all of us.

Madrid grows on me more & more every time I go back! While Barcelona certainly has my heart, Madrid has my stomach. The food here is incredible! Good art too. It’s a winning combination. Here are a few of my favorite things to see/eat and a couple of perfect days all planned out for youContinue reading “Madrid- for the foodie in all of us.”