My Iceland Stopover IRL

My Iceland Stopover In Real Life I had an image of the island in my mind. I’d heard about the remote natural wonders which friends explored via camper van. I pictured wilderness, expansive and pristine, dotted with waterfalls and framed by glacial peaks. As our plane began its descent through a thick blanket of clouds, sprawls of houses began to appear underneath. This I hadn’t … Continue reading My Iceland Stopover IRL

Missoula, Montana, USA (my hometown)

Getting Around Town Public transportation is FREE in Missoula. The Mountain Line (public bus) has a great app which will let you know how and when to get where you need to go. Udash is associated with the University and offers late night service from downtown to the corner of Arthur and Sussex Ave. Uber is also available in Missoula (a great way to get … Continue reading Missoula, Montana, USA (my hometown)

On Solo Travel (for blog)

The following are my responses to questions from Tara at Athens, Greece           I’m Grace, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been to around 40 countries in the last ten years and often journey alone. At 18 I traveled to Colombia with a small group of friends and a year later my second international trip—or my first solo trip— happened … Continue reading On Solo Travel (for blog)

Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

{Basque name: Donostia -Castilian Spanish name San Sebastián} This city has been on my radar for quite a few years and many friends have called it their favorite. Known for its award-winning food and beach vibes, I was actually taken aback by how small the city is (compared to what I had in mind). I walked everywhere- granted that meant an average of 7.5mi per … Continue reading Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain


Our five night trip through Morocco was packed. In hindsight, seven days would have been much more manageable (having a buffer day between long journeys) but here’s what we did, learned and have to share from our experience: Rabat The best flight options were into the capital, Rabat. After long days of travel, we took a taxi straight from the airport to the guesthouse (riad) … Continue reading Morocco

I <3 Amsterdam.

Holland/The Netherlands was immediately lovable to me. I got a sense of kindness and curiosity from the locals I met in a gas station, on the bus, walking on the street… friends told me good things about Amsterdam and it sure didn’t disappoint! Tip number one: grab a giant bar of Tony’s chocolate. This company has humanity on the mind (plus it tastes like heaven). … Continue reading I ❤ Amsterdam.

Where to Spend a Weekend in the Spanish Pyrenees

I moved to Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain this year and want to share my favorite weekend escape: the Spanish Pyrenees You’ll want a car (rent from the Zaragoza airport or train station) to fully enjoy the area but it is possible to get to Jaca by train or bus. I’ll start with my favorite: Broto This village is an easy escape from the city (just about an … Continue reading Where to Spend a Weekend in the Spanish Pyrenees

Sicily, Italy

Two friends and I did a long weekend in Sicily (Sicilia “Seesheelia”) and it exceeded expectations! This part of Italy is definitely worth going (or returning) to. Two options for flights: Palermo or Catania. We went for the latter. My experience was in the Southeastern part of the Island. We rented a car from the airport in Catania (booking in advanced is recommended since there … Continue reading Sicily, Italy

A few lovely days in Heaven aka Switzerland

I love love love LOVE Switzerland. Part of that has to be the company of my amazing friend and host Arta (who I met at a hostel in Costa Rica and instantly knew I loved), but it is a place that makes me feel happy in just about every moment. Starting with the basics- the air and the water are unbelievably pure. I honestly miss … Continue reading A few lovely days in Heaven aka Switzerland