Earth/Montana/currently Murcia, Spain is my home. I am a yoga and barre enthusiast. I’m a vegetarian “foodie” with an adventurous attitude towards life. I have traveled to 30+ countries and this blog is a space for me to share my notes with friends who visit places and want a little inspiration. I find my way in new places through a mixture of research and asking around. Some recommendations here were found online, others were stumbled upon or recommended by locals. I hope to provide honest and useful info to fellow travelers and I invite feedback and interaction especially regarding any commentary I may make about experiences in certain places. If there is one lesson I have taken from travel it is that every single moment is a brand new challenge. You never know what will happen on the road or when you are feeling ‘at home.’ I find this liberating and motivating- building new lives again and again in completely new surroundings provides much meaning in a day. I hope that my words can inspire other travelers to go to new places. I hope that as we all start to move around the globe we find a deeper sense of community in the world and learn to love each other better through it. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and about my blog/adventures. Bon voyage!