50 Things to do when Lockdown goes Long-term (Part 9)

I’m trying something new: this is a LIVE blog post – that means I’ll publish five parts per day for 10 days.  If you haven’t already, start by checking out my original COVID-19 post then follow along with me on Instagram for daily updates!  Comments are SO welcome, what are you all doing these days?  Let’s brain pool. 

6. Note your gratitude

Write down things you are grateful or thankful for, to end every day or all at once (as many as you can) every week.

7. Edit social media

More social, less media. Social comparison distorts self-perception. Unfollow influencers. Unfollow any account which has the explicit goal to sell you something or causes you to feel down. Reset your reference points and surround your online self with better content. Hide your social media apps in a folder where you’ll have to work to access them (keep them off your main home screen). Limit yourself online and avoid falling into a black hole of comparison (set a timer while you scroll).

IMG_5729 2

8. Practice wishful thinking

Apply the WOOP method: Wish — Outcome — Obstacle — Plan

  1. Find 5 minutes of quiet (uninterrupted) “me time”
  2. Search for your wish, ask yourself: “what do I really want?” You can think in terms of today/near future/long-term or you can use this as a problem-solving technique to determine whether or not something is right for you. 
  3. Think — “What would be the best outcome? How would I feel?” — imagine/experience this in your mind, really feel it out
  4. Switch gears: consider what it is in you which stands in the way (identify the obstacle/s) Again, imagine/experience the obstacle/s — maybe a deep emotion or a bad habit*
  5. Establish an “if/then” plan: an effective action/thought to overcome the imagined obstacle/s. Tell yourself, “if (obstacle) happens, then I will (action)

* note: step 4 often helps reveal new possibilities or narrow down wishes to hep them become more achievable. Could you be open to re-framing your wish in a way which makes obstacles surmountable?

9. Get Hygge

  • do a puzzle
  • listen to a podcast
  • sip hot chocolate
  • sip iced tea
  • spend a weekend in the woods
  • have an at home spa day
  • or a night of self care: face mask + body scrub + oil
  • watch a romantic comedy
  • do some cooking
  • or baking
  • light a candle
  • set up an essential oil diffuser
  • decorate with fresh flowers
  • take a personal day (a day to truly do nothing)
  • get a dog
  • do yoga
  • take a bath
  • plant a garden
  • take a walk outside
  • turn off your phone
  • turn off the TV
  • wine and dine (remotely) with friends or family
  • create clutter-free surroundings
  • select/make yummy-smelling cleaning products
  • put together photo albums
  • display a fireplace video on your TV
  • scatter soft blankets and pillows around seating
  • wear cozy sweaters, silky pjs and slippers
  • turn off overhead lamps and opt for eye-level lamps instead

10. Increase variety

force yourself to make minor changes (sit somewhere different, eat something different) and enjoy your favorites more when you come back to them

interrupt your consumption

  • set an alarm during mindless activities, decide whether to push snooze and continue or switch tasks once the timer goes off
  • take a break during commercial breaks
  • buy one at a time
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