What to Eat/Drink/See/Do in/around Murcia, Spain


The photo on the left is my first meal in Murcia! I was so lucky! El Rincon de Las Anas is still one of my very favorite places to eat. This is a prawn surrounding a scallop on a bed of lettuce with sprouts and salsa and chili pepper on top. 4 euros and phenomenal. There is also a beer bar next-door with Belgians on tap. 

Beer spot: La Porcha is well-stocked with both local micros and European brews.

IMG_7261La Tapa (you MUST try their croquettes w goat cheese, rosemary and honey- photo above) It’s in my favorite plaza. The photo above on the right is of their mushroom gazpacho. It’s got foam on top and it’s only 3 euros- what?!

I walked by El Jardín de los Dragones one afternoon and happened to be so hungry that I ran right in. I’m sure glad I did! This is now one of my favorites! I go for tapas + beers or a menu del dia (multi course lunch). P.s. it’s vegan!

Urban Burrito Bar = saving Murcia from an American-Mexican food shortage. I’m so glad this place exists! It’s a staple for me now.

Mano a mano has fantastic pizza. I love to take a slice to go and eat on a bench in the sunshine while people watching.

Llallao – frozen yogurt with dark chocolate coating YES PLEASE. I’m a member of their club…


Coffee spots: Cafe Lab, El Gallinero & Socolá are all amazing.

Please note that I don’t go out much. But when I do, I…

Grab cocktails (gin and tonics are most popular) at El Perro Azul on the patio. Late night stop: Revolver for giant glasses of beer & live music. Bizzart is  my favorite spot for dancing.

Sunday day party at Alter Ego.


IMG_7320The Casino + CathedralSanta Clara Monastery (Museum)

IMG_0049Fuensanta cathedral on the side of a Mountain with nice views and little trails around

Street art at Plaza Academia General del Aire


IMG_8335Cartagena day trip to see Roman theater + veg lunch spot: Chef Momo

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