First Time? Start Here.

Tonight I met with a friend who is preparing for his first long-term trip abroad. I’ve included the links which I shared with him & tips which we covered which I hope will be helpful for first-time globe trotters.

Before you go:

Discontinue/grossly limit at home expenses (don’t pay rent for a place you aren’t occupying)- Sell your stuff, put cell phone plan on hold -FaceTime audio & video use only wifi (no data)!

Game planning/major points:

1 pack light

2 right gear

3 skyscanner (utilize air miles domestically)

4 daily budget (avg global min $50- please fact check me!)

5 eat light, drink cheap

6 don’t eat any uncooked street food (& take a pepto before & after)

Helpful links/notes for getting started:

Product: Patagonia MLC backpack (& couch surfing? I have not used it & have heard mixed reviews please proceed with caution) – Especially in pricey cities and when traveling with buddies

Ryanair – Europe ✈️ & AirAsia (Australia) see airpass

Eurail pass 🚂 (see multi-country pass & take regional trains especially in E Europe)

Skyscanner “United States” to “everywhere” search (search incognito/private browser)

Product: Cocoon Cotton Bag Liner/Travel Sheet

Product: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set

(for interviewing people you meet along the way): Storycorps app (create custom interview Q’s & recording works without wifi!)


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