On wandering…

Travel is not always pretty. Sometimes the 4 hour bus ride takes 10, the sleep is crappy & the tap water is not safe to drink after all. As I learn how to navigate a new place, I learn about myself. As a solo female traveler, I learn how to walk a fine line between fear & confidence among strangers/men. I learn to appreciate the difficulty/fragility of just surviving when amenities are limited. Talking to fellow nomads in hostels offers alternative outlooks which can be as shocking/shaping/life changing as immersion in foreign cultures. I post a lot of pictures of beaches & luxuries on social media but am not overlooking the dirty details. Travel, for me, is both a privilege & a duty. I gain empathy for fellow humans through diverse conversations. Connection with others lends meaning to life. As we sit sharing our wisdom, I feel inspired by their fairytale/nightmare stories, I learn to embrace ups & downs and carry on. I’m grateful for every good person I’ve been privileged to meet, both at home & away. You all give me life. What a big world full of wonderfully different souls. Love for you all. ❤

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